If several years ago you asked Dani and Maren when they met at Pace University whether they'd go into business together in the future, they may not have known what to tell you. Sure enough, they are now the owners of The Big City Woof Walker, LLC! They have both been with the company for a number of years and they cover many of the scheduled and requested dog walks and pet visits. Learn more about them below! 

NYC Dog walker

Dani Pedraza

Dani has been a part of The Big City Woof Walker family for the past five years. Her Midwest, dog-loving roots influenced her adoration for animals and dedication to raising awareness for shelters. She is the Founder of Pups ‘N Coffee a company dedicated to spreading the “adopt don’t shop” message while also creating their own “all-natural” biscuit line. Dani graduated from Pace University with a BFA in Acting. You can find her performing around the city, drinking coffee in Brooklyn, and walking your pups on Wall Street.


NYC Dog walking

Maren Lavelle

Maren is a fierce dog lover and animal rights advocate. Maren grew up with a family of five pups and has spent the past 5 years working with various dog walking companies and doggy day cares. She's been with The Big City Woof Walker family for over three of those years. Maren finds the opportunity to bond with pups, keep them safe, and watch them grow absolutely fulfilling. Maren graduated from Pace University with a BFA in Acting, and simultaneously pursues a career in playwriting and screenwriting while cuddling up to the Wall Street pups that she gets to pet and give love to daily.