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Providing over 10 years of trustworthy & reliable pet care...

Formerly known as The Wall Street Walker, our team at The Big City Woof Walker provides Manhattan, Brooklyn, AND NOW CHICAGO with the most trusted dog walkers in town and "first-class" pet service. Our team is fully bonded and insured. We focus on "dog walking with a personal touch" to create strong bonds and companionship between the walker and your pet. Our dog walkers and cat sitters specialize in providing your pet with intimate care and the finest level of treatment. We focus on your furry family member's personal needs and care for your pet as if it was our own! We welcome you to the Big City Woof Walker family. 

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All of The Big City Woof dog walkers have been personally vetted and thoroughly trained by owners Dani and Maren. We prioritize the importance of safety and security for your pup and your home. Our staff also has personal ties to the FiDi, Tribeca, and Battery Park areas that they walk pups in. We emphasize having dog walkers walk in areas that they have lived or worked in or areas that they are incredibly familiar with. Our familiarity with our environment and surroundings is paramount, and we find that being able to work where we've lived helps us navigate easily and keep all of our dogs safe!


For our pups, socialization is a key part of the day. Many of our dogs have formed close bonds with each other that their owners capitalize on outside of our walks with them! Although we do offer individual dog walks for some pups, our focus is on small pack walks of 3 dogs or less. We know that when those tails start wagging, it's not just because they're excited to get fresh air, it's because they know they have dog friends waiting for them as well!

*Private dog walks are also easily accommodated for a small Private Walk fee


We are proud to offer the finest in intimate client care and personal relationships with our dogs and cats. We are able to create great relationships with our clients, staying in touch with many if they move out of town. Our dog walkers have doubled as babysitters and nannies for many clients because we simply become a part of the family. Dogs have a "Primary Walker" focus in order to develop a strong relationship with their dog walker. You will receive daily text and picture updates after each walk. We love our pups and their owners and we want to ensure the strongest of communication skills with them!  


The methods of payment that we accept are:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Chase QuickPay

  • Credit Card through Time To Pet

*we do not charge additional tax or credit card fees


Time to Pet is a software that we use to gather all scheduling and invoicing data as well as store client and pet information. On Time to Pet you will have your own personalized profile where you can update all of your and your furry family member's info. You can also keep track of scheduling and invoicing and communicate with us and our team, as well as pay directly through an easy to use website and app. It's an extremely convenient software that helps us keep all of your information organized and helps you keep tabs as well!

*If you're an existing client and need to log into your Time to Pet profile use this link: