We have a well-trained, experienced, caring team of dog walkers and pet sitters who are passionate about pup kisses and hugs! For regular walks or frequently scheduled sporadic walks there is a "Primary Walker" focus, meaning that your pup has a go-to regular walker that they can create a strong bond with and who is extremely familiar with their individualized needs. Alongside this primary walker focus we function with a team mentality, so that whenever your primary walker is not available you can trust our experienced and knowledgeable team to handle your dog's needs!

*Fully Bonded & Insured

Our team is a great option for personalized care for the busy New York City dog owner! Our "team mentality" ensures that your pup will always be walked no matter what circumstances come up, but we are still a small enough team that we are able to emphasize personalized service and individualized care from your primary dog walker. Every member of our team undergoes several hours of hands-on training on the ground before ever taking on any walks unsupervised. Our dog walkers come to us with years of experience and with incredible amounts of passion and love for pets. Safety is our #1 concern so our dog walkers are trained to double check all leashes and harnesses before heading out for the walk and they understand the importance of keeping pups on a tightly wrapped leash that never leaves their hands, as well as staying attentive and alert for the entirety of their walks. Our team is tight-knit, efficient, caring, and responsible and we guarantee that your pup will be in good hands with any one of our thoroughly trained dog walkers!


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Dani Pedraza and Maren Lavelle met several years ago while both attending Pace University’s BFA Acting program. They started working together, for what was formerly known as “The Wall Street Walker” in 2013, as the Primary Walkers for the company. They were a well-suited match when the opportunity to be partners of "The Big City Woof Walker" arrived in 2017. Between Dani's midwest, dog-loving roots and Maren's fierce love for pets and activism for the rights of all animals, they've created a safe and caring environment for the pups and kitties of NYC.

In teaming up with Pups ‘N Coffee, a company founded by Dani and dedicated to raising awareness for shelters and adoptions groups around the city, Maren and Dani have been working to partner with some of the most top notch dog-related companies in the city to provide clients with a wide-reaching pup community and a large array of accessible service and products for their pups. They focus on convenience and security for clients and, of course, on safety of and sociability for the pups!